‘a day’

                                                                                                                    By Gabrielle Chapdelaine
Anne Cecelia DeMelo

During covid year, we were adapted to digital theater format. What does it even mean? Is it theater? Is it cinema? Is it zoom meeting? How do we build this and present this? The media team, in front of computer screens, we dived into internet trying to grope for its entrance and exit. Its eye, its ear, its curtain, its backstage, its rehearsal room. Then ultimately how do audience experience. We are reassembling theater machine. We call it media magic.


Emily Chang Nico
Cassiel Eatock-Winnik Debs
Jackson Eick Harris
Anthony Saldaña Alfonso

  Dramaturg Sabrina Zanello Jackson

Scenic Designer Rosie Villano

Costume Designer Julie Scharf

Lighting Designer Willem Hinternhoff

Sound Designer Kyle Leve

Media Designer Davine Byon

Asst. Media Designer Qixin Zhang

Media Engineer Matthias Neckermann

Production Manager JuanCarlos Contreras

Stage Manager Annika Evens