In exhibition ‘丝’, Qixin is caressing her beloved “Twins TV” looking into herself looked into herself into herself and self.
Photo credit: Soomin Kong

Qixin Zhang 张 启新, based in New York, is an interdisciplinary multi-media artist and collaborative designer for experiences.

Influenced by her painter and poet father, Qixin has possessed a unique grasp of the interplay between image and imagery since her early childhood. Her undergraduate education in architecture has honed her ability to envision and design spaces and experiences.

During her time as an artist assistant at Cao Fei studio, Qixin immersed herself in the world of new media art, where technology and artistic expression collide. This invaluable experience allowed her to master the process of translating concepts into tangible creations, while also refining her skills in field research and gathering information.

Qixin's upbringing in China has instilled in her an Eastern aesthetic and a profound perceptiveness. As a young immigrant, she has embraced the boundless potential and growth in life, navigating the dynamic interplay between the new and old, the traditional and contemporary, the past and present, bridging the gap between different places and generations.

Pursuing her passion for exploring the intersection of art, science, and technology, Qixin pursued an MFA in Video & Media Design at Carnegie Mellon University. Her studies have propelled her to delve deeper into the realms of live performance and immersive experiences, where she continuously innovates and pushes the boundaries of artistic expression. Her diverse skill set includes expertise in ink Suminagashi, programming touchdesigner, designing media for immersive experiences, engineering media and sound systems, camera filming, analog signal application, and various capture technologies.

Throughout her journey in the VMD program, Qixin formed a profound connection with Matthias Neckermann - a tacit collaborator and a lifelong friend. Their successful collaboration on a series of projects led them to form their own artistic duo, operating under the moniker Ma’xin (pronounced like “machine“).

Besides this artist duo, Qixin and Shuyu Fang have initiated the Fuzhou Sisters project. Born and raised in Fuzhou, China, they aim to promote Fuzhou culture. In New York, which has the largest number of Fujianese immigrants, they hope to bridge the gap between the older and younger generations and build Fuzhou community.

Qixin is currently Theater Mitu Hybrid Arts Lab Fellow, where she continues to pursue her artistic endeavors and expand her horizons.

(May 2024)


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