Carnegie Mellon University School of Drma, 2023

Director:: Lucile Murphy

ANN                     Leyla Davis
JAMIE                   Christian Engelhardt
RENEE                   Sophia Macy
DANI                    Simone De La Torre

Dramaturg:: Eliza Hallinan
Scenic Designer:: Paul Molina
Asst. Scenic Designer:: Kejia Yu
Project Manager:: Vanessa Mills, Victor Gutierrez
Job Lead:: Sophie Rodriguez
Costume Designer:: Izzy Kitch
Asst. Costume Designer:: Sophie Howard
Costume Crafts:: Elyse Grimaldi
Costume Crafts:: Clio Gordon
Lighting Designer:: Ariel Bernhard
Lighting Manager:: Thomas Feather
Sound Designer:: Pan-Pan Gou
Media Designer:: Kolton Cotton
Asst. Media Designer:: Hyunjin Oh
Media Engineer:: Qixin Zhang
Asst. Media Engineer:: Reiley Nymeyer

Production Manager:: Melissa Lubina
Asst. Production Manager:: Hadley Holcomb
Asst. Stage Manager:: Kelsey Harlow, Natalie Lawton
Stage Manager:: Gaby Fonseca Luna
Intimacy Coordinator:: Judy Conte

In production Babel, I am responsible for designing theater projection system, projection optics calculation, arranging staff duty, leading media team load-in , projection mapping, and provide troubleshooting and support for media designer during tech.



The system for Babel includes 2 camera inputs and 3 projectors. They run by 1 mac mini with an external GPU. With fairly simple system, the challenge is instsalling in actual theater. In a small theater, to avoid power cable interfering with media signal cable took many efforts.